Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Quite Cabin Fever...Yet

I started this event list shortly after posting the last one, so around 8pm. Event may be a little bit of a descriptional stretch, but…

• My dad came by with the blade on the tractor and bladed the county road up to mine and my uncle’s houses. He also bladed our driveways. I took pictures. He had the forks on the front of the tractor and kept getting close to my car…it was a little nerve-racking.

• Still can’t manage to get on Gmail in order to retrieve my Twitter updates. I guess I’ll put them all on one post once I can get to them.

• How long does it take to freeze small cream cheese balls? I know it’s cold enough out there, but they just won’t freeze. It’s got to be as cold as the freezer out there. I don’t want to leave them out there over night because it’s supposed to snow a few inches and I don’t want the cookie sheet to get stuck to the porch (actually they’re sitting on the grill which is on the porch).

• Okay, so I decided to give up on getting the cream cheese to freeze and just rolled them in cocoa powder while they were all sticky. I put them in a tub and in the freezer (they fit now) and am going to leave them over night before dipping them in almond bark. They should be awesome.

• It is beautiful this morning. There is a layer of snow on everything and the sun is out. I am going to go outside and take some pictures at some point. I already took a few from my front porch.

• The backdoor is stuck again, which means I’m going to have to walk around the house and dig it out. I cleaned it of right before I went to bed, but… Unfortunately, when the back deck was built, it was built right up to the back door. There is only a drop of about two inches. To make matters worse, it is on the north-east side of the house and will have frozen precipitation on it for days, sometimes weeks after everything else has thawed out. The only sun it gets is early morning sun, which just doesn’t burn off ice/sleet/snow very fast.

• Went outside and dug out the back door. Also scraped off the car windshield. I had to use the shovel, but since the sun is sort of out, I wanted to get the windshield as clean as possible so it can start melting. Not sure that will happen since it is still spitting snow outside. I also took pictures while I was outside. I love to take winter weather pictures. I am hoping the sun will be out this afternoon. The best time to take outdoor pictures is in the afternoon/evening when the sun is at an angle.

• I’m a little concerned about what will happen when all the sleet and snow on the roof of the house comes crashing down. I don’t have awnings over the doors and when it comes crashing down, there’s always the chance of getting stuck in the house. It’s not happened yet, but it could. I’ve always been lucky in the past because only one door at a time would be blocked. Let’s hope that happens this time.

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