Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Pictures

Poor car may be stuck in that position until the weekend.

This is the bird feeder right outside my front door. I put food out right after I took the picture. There is actually bird food under all the sleet, but I won't see that for about a week!

Since I'm finally able to post, I thought I would try to post some pictures of the ice/sleet so far. It is very overcast and so the pictures don't have much contrast, but thought some of my readers from other, more sunny, areas of the country might like to see what it is we are getting hit with in the central states.

It is still really coming down and we are under a Winter Weather Warning until noon. Every time I woke up in the middle of the night I could hear the sleet hitting the house. Luckily, it was mostly sleet (some freezing rain mixed in) and so we still have power. My internet access is sketchy at this time and I am currently having trouble getting the pictures to load. It has to do with having satellite internet, but I am working on a post where I gripe about that.

I am sure that school will be out the rest of the week. It is not supposed to warm up until Friday and over 50% of our students (and staff like me) live on county roads (county roads are in the country, but it's not a typo...they're all gravel) that are not treated with salt or anything. This means that it is impossible to have school even if the main highways are drivable.

I live on the top of a hill a mile down a county road. There will be no way that anyone will be able to get up here for awhile. Of course that means that there is no way I can get out either. I'm waiting to see if the mail lady makes it up the hill in her Toyota pickup. If she can make it, then Dad'll be able to make it up here for any possible emergencies. It's a little disconcerting to feel like you are cut of from the rest of the world.

I actually love this though...as long as the power stays on of course. Although I appear to be an extrovert on many levels (I can talk to anybody), I get my energy from being by myself. I love just being able to hang out in my house and do nothing but read, watch TV and be on the internet.

As an FYI: It has taken almost an hour to get those two pictures loaded. *gggrrrrr* My internet connection went down again. I finally decided to load a small picture of the car so it wouldn't take so long to load.

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