Friday, January 2, 2009

Late Nights

It is almost two in the morning and right now I totally feel like staying up all night. It's not that I'm not sleepy, I am, but I have hit a point where I'm almost past the point of wanting to sleep. I am on a high of getting stuff accomplished. In this case it is of course this blog. I have even managed to create a favicon (I didn't even know that's what they were called, but it's the little icon that shows up next to the URL) for my blog and am exceedingly proud of myself. Now I feel like I can be done for the night. A

The problem is that I am now both exhausted and wired. This has been the problem all night. I would get to a stopping point while working on the blog, but be in the middle of an episode of Dr. Who (this is my new thing to watch using Netflix Instant Watch), then I would be done with the episode, but in the middle of trying to figure something out for the blog. It was a visious cycle. I managed to get through both at about the same time and now I guess I should just go to bed.

I have got to make myself get back on a schedule the next few nights. I have enjoyed my Christmas Vacation, but it is almost time to go back to the real world. In fact, tomorrow I will have to spend part of the day working on the second quarter syllabus for my class. Hopefully, I can wear myself out and go to bed at a relatively normal time tomorrow night, so by Sunday night I will be back on schedule for work the next morning!

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