Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nephews

Nephew L spent some time today "helping" his father and grandfather on the basement rebuild. I think he spent most of the time playing in the sack of nails, which is why his hands got so black. I just thought these would make the cutest picture.

NL is getting so big. He's almost 3 and is just about as tall as his sister who is four and a half. He is really talking and most of the time I can understand what he is saying. Mom thought he was looking for a "shrew" today, but then we figured out he meant "screw". Apparently he had dropped a nail or screw outside and had been looking for it. His mom and I were talking about how much growning there has been in the last year and how hard it is to think about how much he as changed in the last year.

Newphew J is also growing up fast. He's 15 months old and just starting to want to feed himself. Today was a very messy experiment in his endeavor of growing up. I started feeding him as normal, then decided to put the food on the fork and give it to him. He really liked that, but would always want to touch the fork to the plate, so I put the food on the fork and then let him pick it up himself. He was so proud of himself. Eventually I just put the plate, fork and spoon down and let NJ go at it. This picture was the end result. Boy did it take some time to clean him up.

Now I know I just had a post called Maybe This Is Why I Don't Read Your Blog, where I talked about people who have blogs dedicated to their kids. However, you will note that not all my posts are about The Niece and Nephews. I don't care if people talk about their kids as long as there is some variety in there somewhere!

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