Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tweets for the Day

Inconsequential Thoughts By Smalltown Girl
  • 07:21 Today is historic and I'll be praying for Obama, but I'm still worried for America's values. Good thing God is in control.
  • 11:36 I'm sitting here as my kids watch Macbeth...I'm not surprised when they laugh at Lady Macbeth. The loud breathing so is unnecessary.
  • 14:41 If you want a lot of comments about your Facebook status, just say something controversial and then misspell it!
  • 16:36 Crap! I forgot my shades and have to drive home...facing the sun.
  • 18:17 I am sooo... hungry. Must get off internet for food!
  • 18:49 Mmmmm...chicken salad own unique recipe.
  • 19:23 We might have a new President, but life goes on...American Idol is on!!
  • 21:36 I hate the fact that my inner Night Owl is being stifled by a 4:30 daily wake up call!
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