Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tweets For The Day

Inconsequential Thoughts By Smalltown Girl

* 07:03 I'm headed off to the "big city" today. Spring-town here I come.
* 11:32 Is looking at granit counter
* 16:28 Home from Spring-Town. Didn't get to go anywhere fun exept Chili's for lunch.
* 19:13 Eating leftover Chili's. Good, but the tortilla chips are a little soggy now.
* 20:22 I'm trying to find a good/easy way to put larger photos on Blogger. Let me know if you have an idea!
* 21:47 Crap...I screwed up my photoblog somehow. I am pissed!
* 21:49 I fixed my photo blog layout but still don't know what I did to screw it up.
* 22:27 Check out my photoblog. I'm pretty proud of it!

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