Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI – Winners of the 1st Round of Top 36

We get to find out tonight who makes it through to the next round. I often fast forward through much of these episodes. I just want to get to why I’m watching. Let’s forget the foreplay here; I’m already ready.

I’m not really sure what the point of this is since there is a “Wild Card” week (still don’t know what that is) and that means no one goes home. I guess it’s just to find out who is for sure in the Top 12.

How they got here…fast forward.

Cheesy song to start us off…fast forward through half of it.

Re-cap of last night’s show…fast forward.

Talk to the contestants…thought about fast forwarding, but decided to give it a listen.

Going to the Top 12
• Alexis Grace (FF through song)

• Michael Sarver (FF through song…mad Anoop goes home)

• Danny Gokey (Woop, woop!)

I think Michael made it because he’s a good ol’ boy. He’s an okay singer, so I’m not too bent out of shape, I just liked Anoop better, although he didn’t do too hot yesterday.

Tatiana was shocked, but took it better than I thought. They kept panning towards her during Danny’s song.

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns showed up to do a special. I watched part of it before fast forwarding. I liked them both, but that as last year.

Looking forward to the next round of 12. We’ll see if I blog about that round as much. It took me two days and around 3 hours to watch the last round because of pausing to type up my blog post.

Do you think the right people got through?

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