Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raccoon Invasion!

Last night I discovered I had a raccoon coming into the house through the cat door...again!

Wednesday night I heard a crash and the tinkling of something falling across the kitchen floor and when I woke up the next morning and walked into the kitchen to check it out, I found out that the cat food dish had been knocked over. I just thought the cats had fought over the food or something.

Last night as I was sitting in the living room, hanging out on the interweb, I heard one of the cats eating some food...then they knocked over the trashcan that I use to store cat food. I got up and started yelling. The "cat" backed out of the trashcan (luckily it was almost empty) and ran toward the cat door and freedom. It wasn't until the "cat" was halfway out the door that I realized it wasn't Bella (she's all fluffy and a grey/brown, so I thought it was her), but that it was a raccoon!

I spent the rest of the night trying to keep that thing out of the house. It would start to come in and I would chase it out. It kept going under the back porch. I ended up putting some old food mixed with cat food out on the porch so it wouldn't come back in the house. I have to go by my Dad's and get the live trap after work so that I can trap it. I'll leave it to your imagination to decide what I might do with it...

I'll keep you posted and write more about this later; I just wanted to put in a quick note about the new drama in my life. Hopefully I will get pictures to verify my story.

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