Thursday, February 5, 2009

AI – Hollywood Day Two

I was hoping to have some group pictures to add to this post, but...

Group Round = Drama!!

There were several major Drama Queens. Tatiana really stuck out with how she was going back and forth from one group to another. Ridiculous. I really can’t take much more of her laugh. She went back to her original group, and they made it through, but I wish they would stop doing montages of Tatiana laughing because I have about had it.

Then there was the drama with both the Diva Group and Team Compromise (who, ironically, could not manage to compromise). Bikini girl went MIA on the Diva Group and they had to track her down. Apparently she was too tired to perform. She finally shows up…majorly late. BTW: What is the hippie girl (Rose) doing in the Diva Group? They totally screwed her chances to go through farther. She should have picked a group with something closer to her singing style and I think she would have made it at least another round. Team Compromise never did seems to get it together, with a lot of blaming of the other members. Simon called them out for sabotaging each other when they were singing backup.

I’m not sure why we have group round. It seems like most of these people want to be solo artists. Also, the other people in their group can really screw them. They have to pick who they want to be in a group with and usually don’t even know them well enough to be able to make good vocal and stylistic groupings.

The group White Chocolate was fairly awesome. They really figured out what all their strengths were and went with it.

The group (The Rainbow Coalition?) with the two best friends in it sang a capella and they did such a great job.

David Osmond didn’t make it in a group? I wish they would have shown that. The Osmonds are all about group singing. In fact, during his first audition the judges commented on him singing a group song instead of a solo song.

BTW: Nick showed up (no Norman) and he made it through even though his group wasn’t any good.

I wish they would have shown Little Castro (can’t remember his first name) because if the rumors are true, he doesn’t make it to the top 35 and I would like to have listened to him sing. They keep showing him as one of the masses that made it through, but no solo TV time.

75 made it through to the next round.

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