Friday, February 6, 2009

My Pet Peeves

• I hate it when people say anyways, that is not a word...there is no S, it is anyway.
• A new one that is starting to drive me nuts is libary. Also, no such word. Some of my students say it that way, and I've even gone to the board and spelled it for them libRary. They say it's the same thing. I tell them one is a word and represents the room full of books they are asking to go to and the other is not a word and doesn't exist. (I couldn’t believe it, but I saw a 60 Minutes reporter say this on O’Reilly the other day)
• On my 25 Random Things post, I already mentioned my problem with the whole desert island thing.
• People who don't wash their hands when they go to the bathroom. Check out 25 Random Things for more info.
• I have a lot of pet peeves that have to do with bad driving. Number one is people that drive in the left lane of a 4-lane road. You aren't in England…get over. The left lane is just for passing and now I'm going to have to pass you on the right...which I'm pretty sure is a no-no. I also really hate it when people tail-gate…Brake Check!!
• I hate that lots of people pronounce Alzheimers as Old-Timers (Altimers). I even heard someone in a commercial for an Alzheimers support group pronounce it Altimers. Come on.
• Blue tooth earpieces. I am tired of being in an aisle at Wal-Mart and thinking some lady is talking to me, only to turn around and realize she’s got one of the earpieces in (usually covered with her hair, which is why I didn’t notice it in the first place). You are not that important! Truck drivers need it; use it while you’re driving…you do not need it to go shopping.
• Students who sleep in my class and then are all indignant when they have a 12%
• I hate it when characters in movies and TV shows walk into a house and NEVER shut the door. What’s up with that?
• I hate it when characters in movies and TV shows drink coffee out of cups that are obviously empty, even thought they just bought it. This used to drive me crazy when watching Gilmore Girls.
• I can’t stand it when people feel that proper English is not important when they are blogging or commenting on a blog post. No expects you to be perfect, but you should at least capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence and proper nouns. (Check out my post about this and more blogging issues).
• LOL – I think it is WAY over used and no longer has the same connotation. I don’t think people are really laughing out loud when they write LOL, especially if they use it after every sentence.

I am sure I will think of a bunch more as soon as I post this. Be on the lookout for Pet Peeves vol. 2

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