Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gran Day

Today was a "Gran Day". That's what we call Saturdays in my family because my brother and his family, along with myself, spend the day at my Mom's (aka: Gran).

We started out the day going to a local discount grocery store. I love going there because you never know what you will find there. It's like an adventure to find great buys. Today, I bought more Tide and also found some Pantene shampoo in bulk. I'm not sure where they get this stuff, but they put it in their own generic jugs and then put a tag next to the jugs telling you what brand the product is. I also buy Downy there in large quantities, but didn't need any today. I have regular detergent and softener containers that I then fill up with what I buy at the discount store. I plan on doing the same with the Pantene. Here's a picture of what I am talking about.

Good Buys

I also got some good buys on Kashi cereal and TGIFriday eggrolls. I usually buy my Starbucks coffee beans there (less than $4 a bag!). They are usually just going out of date, but I put them in the freezer and all is good! You really have to check dates (I never by mayo or salad dressing there), but on some things you can push the use by date (the Kashi cereal was a month out of date, but will be fine) and lots of things are just getting close to the date. Some products have slight damage, and that is why they're there.

I spent the rest of the morning hanging out with the kids and relaxing. The kids were especially relaxed today (no running around screaming), and spent some time just sitting on the couch watching "kids shows" as the Niece calls them. They don't have TV at their house (only videos), so they enjoy getting to watch TV at Gran's.

Nephew J is really starting to chatter a lot, but it is funny because he only has a few real words, but you can tell that he really thinks he's saying something. He was needing to be entertained a lot today, but it was cute.

We still have some sleet that hasn't melted, but it sure is doing so fast. Today was another 60 degree day, and the ground was turning to mud pretty fast. My road is practically a quagmire. There's not that much gravel left on it, and there are a lot of low spots that collect all the run-off from the sleet melting.

Muddy Roads

Hope that everyone had a great weekend. Let me know what fun things you did this weekend.

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Gina Marie Wake said...

What is this discount grocery store that you speak of?