Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AI – Hollywood Round 3

“Last night of Hollywood…Do or die.” Ryan may be a little over the top here. I’m not sure anyone is going to die…will they?

Ryan keeps calling this “hell week”. It’s been a little bit like hell for me, but somehow I don’t think that is what Ryan is talking about.

There have been so many contestants and so little time to see what they are made of. I blame AI for this. They end up focusing on just a few people, spending the majority of time with those few and then showing everyone else in a montage at the end of the show.

Tonight we are seeing a few new faces. Not really new, but ones we haven’t seen in the last two days of Hollywood. Don’t worry though, we still get to see Jamar and Danny, the best friends. Both are good singers, but we have been seeing A LOT of them. I think Paula may have a crush on Danny. You should have seen her face. She looked like a pre-teen at a Hanna Montana concert. I am picking Danny as one of my front-runners for this competition though.

My guess is group 1 tonight was the 4-yes group. The contestants were split into four groups after the judges went through them deciding who had it and who didn’t. I’m guess that group 2 was one of the maybe groups.

The instruments came out tonight. I was expecting someone to majorly suck, but no one that they aired did bad…on the instrument.

Tatiana was in group 2 and she blew it! This girl is certifiable. This was the one time that she did not sing multiple songs trying to get the judges to pass her through (they showed a montage of this and it was pretty funny, if a little pathetic). Of course, since the judges don’t say anything to the contestants after they sing, she was in 7th heaven, believing that she was awesome. She actually left the stage twirling and singing her sentences. Yeah, she’s nuts. I sure will miss her after they boot her off at the end of the show…

Then there’s some mix up with the group numbers (amounts) and Tatiana was pulled out of her group with no explanation. They do this big cliff-hanger before going to commercial; which group was she going to, the one that makes it, or the one that goes home?

Norman Gentle came back tonight…Yay!!! I missed him last episode. I just don’t think Nick can help it. I’m not sure he’s comfortable being himself. I’m not sure anyone has gotten this far acting like a clown. He goes into room 4 and the rest are probably worried that his presence does not bode well for them, something that is probably confirmed when Tatiana shows up as well.

The judges go into room 2 and act like they are going to send that room home, but then tell them they are staying. I hate it when they do that.

Tatiana of course freaks out when the judges come into her room. She’s jiggling like my 3-year-old nephew when he needs to go to the bathroom. Kara tries to calm her down when Tatiana starts crying…they haven’t even told the group if they are going home or not. Ends up that they are going on in the competition. I just can’t believe Tatiana made it over some of those others. This must be a ratings thing.

Once again, the guys seem to be doing better than the girls this year.

I’m looking forward to picking My Top Ten List, but at this point it is hard to say because they’re not showing us all the contestants and you never know who might show up in the next few episodes. I have a list started, but as of now only have question marks by the girls on my list. We just haven’t seen enough of them yet.

Michael Castro went home tonight; we really didn’t get to hear Jason’s (#4 from last year) brother that much to know what he really sounded like. Leneshe Young (homeless sob story) also went home, but Norman Gentle got through! Yay!

Randy says this crap about this being the best year yet…the most talent…blah, blah, blah. I believe someone says that every year.

Do you think this will be the best American Idol season yet?

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