Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Giving Up On Lost

I've decided to give up on Lost. There are 5 episodes just sitting on my Tivo and I have no desire to watch them. I loved the first season and season two was okay, but since then I have been watching Lost just because I had already invested so much time in it. Not anymore. I'm kicking it to the curb. I am spending less time watching TV these days (mostly because of the internet) and something has to give.

I'm probably going to have to go through my season passes and delete a few more of those passes. My Tivo is getting full and there's just not time anymore to watch the all the shows that I used to keep up with easily. Plus, I have a new venture brewing (I'm not ready to divulge my plans just yet) and so I am going to be working through a lot of online tutorials in order to prepare myself for this new adventure. Yep. It's time to pare down. I wonder what else will have to go...

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