Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Snowy, Sick Birthday To Me!

I'm pretty sick today and wasn't sure I was going to post anything, but I haven't had a day without a post in so long, I just couldn't do it.

Here's the most important stuff to me right now.

I've got a cold: coughing, runny/stuffed up nose (not sure how that can happen, but it does) and a sore throat. I actually took some of the night time meds and took a nap sitting up in my chair this afternoon. I managed to get in about 3 hours of sleep!

It's been snowing all day long. We've gotten about 6 inches of snow, but I haven't been out there to formally measure it. I cleaned off the porches (front and back) earlier today and there was around 2 inches; then I went back about an hour later and there was another 3 inches out there. I'd say we've gotten around another inch since then, We don't normally get just snow. Usually we get freezing rain and/or sleet mixed in with our snow, so this is a nice change.

Here's the view out my back porch this afternoon.

Oh, and to top it all's my birthday. Sort of. I'm a leap year baby, so I don't have a birthday this year. I celebrate on the 28th of February. I've always said that I was born the last day of February, so my friends usually celebrate on that day. My family, however, celebrates on March 1st. My mom says that if it hadn't been Leap Year, I would have been born March 1st, but as far as I'm concerned I was born in February, so I'll celebrate in February. It doesn't help that my CG'pa's birthday is also February 29th. They were all used to celebrating on 3/1 with him, so... Anyway, they're all over at the CG'parents' house having a birthday party while I'm home. Don't feel sorry for me though...I always hate having to go to those things...even my own birthday party.


Holly said...

Happy Belated (or not?) Birthday! Sorry you were sick and the weather was icky. :( Did you at least get to do something fun while you were home alone? Or use the time to relax?

Smalltown Girl said...

@Holly - Thanks. My birthday is Feb I didn't even have one this year. And all I did was stay in my recliner...sick. Oh, well. There's always next year!