Friday, February 27, 2009

AI - Results Show For 2nd Round

Fast forward through terrible singing.

Allison Iraheta makes it. I’m glad. I thought she didn’t really well, especially for her age. I even listened to her sing again.

Kris Allen makes it. He did a good job, but he shouldn’t have beaten Anoop in my opinion. Just the luck of the draw as to what group a contestant was put into.

FF through montage of old seasons.

Brooke White shows up. Forgot she even exists. She’s promoting her first single. Had to FF through it because it was less than stellar.

Norman/Nick goes down in a blaze of glory and Adam Lambert makes it through. Still didn’t like his version of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. But I’m not at all surprised that he made it.

I’m glad Allison made it, I’m not surprised about Adam, but think Kris made it through because this group lacked talent.

This awkward dancing at the end of these shows are my favorite part so far. They show the next 12 contestants dancing and it’s pretty HI-larious.

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