Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raccoon Invasion Video

Check out the video of the raccoon coming into my house. The kitchen lights are on and I'm standing right where it can see me, but it comes in without much hesitation. I actually had to clap my hands and yell at it to get it back out of the house. As of Sunday night, I still haven't been able to catch it.

FYI: You may notice that I actually have a cat door and a dog door. I used to have a dog, but she lives with my mom now. I closed up the dog door and bought a cat door. The cat door is now broken, so I opened the dog door back up and that is what the raccoon has been using most of the time. It has managed to peal back the duct tape on the cat door and get in that way as well.


Phoebe said...

I have no idea how you managed to keep your composure. I would be freaking out--and I'm almost certain there would not be pretty words involved!! AGH! Did you get it?

Kupotek said...

What a beautiful creature. But be careful their claws are razors, they're like adorable furry Freddy Kreugers without all the child molestation and murderous hate.