Sunday, February 22, 2009

Single Saturday...Sort Of

I totally forgot about Single Saturday. It's new and I've been wrapped up in the whole Raccoon Invasion.

I'm thinking that being single has contributed to the raccoon issue. First of all, part of the problem probably has to do with the fact that my back porch has trash on it. This isn't food trash, but still... I no longer have a truck (had to get a vehicle with good gas mileage) and so I have to go the extra mile to get a truck to take non-burnable trash to the dump (yes we burn trash and yes we have our own dump... it's the country remember?). I'm sure the trash has helped bring the raccoons up to the house. I had a trash bag with cans (non-burnable) in it and I usually rinse them out, but now always; I'm sure that didn't help. I'm sure that if I wasn't single, I could have convinced my significant other to haul off the trash by now.

Also, I am sure I could have convinced my significant other to shoot the raccoon by now. I just can't look an animal in the eye and pull the trigger. Turkeys maybe (they're ugly), but nothing with hair or fur.

All in all, unless I was dating/married to a weenie, I think this whole raccoon fiasco would have been over by now. As it is, I just had to shoo the thing out of the house again not 30 minutes ago!

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