Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Satellite Update

Just an update on my satellite situation.

This morning as I was sitting and reading, all of a sudden the idea came to me that my satellite might have been knocked around when those 4 inches of sleet fell off my roof in giant sheets. Although I only had 2 pages left in my book, I threw it aside and ran outside to check. YES! One of my satellites was sitting askew. I came back inside for a coat and a wrench and set the receiver to the satellite strength test signal (where it screeches at you in increasing decibels until you get the satellite pointed in the right direction). I started fiddling around with angling the satellite in what I thought was the right direction.

Success! I heard the high pitch screech and knew I had locked on to a signal. I went inside and turned to a local channel. Wrong. I had locked onto a signal, but now I was getting ESPN on the channel where I normally pick up CBS. Weird.

I put on another layer (man, it was cold out there) and went back to trying to search for a signal. It took awhile, but I managed to find the right signal (it was a lot further east than I remember). YES!!! I have local networks back and will not have to be without them for 3 weeks. I called DirecTV and canceled the "upgrade" that I had scheduled.

I actually feel a little stupid for not thinking of the ice falling onto the satellite earlier. For some reason, it just didn't occur to me. I had thought that all the ice had already fallen off of that side of the house already, but should have realized it because of how close the satellite is to the house.

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