Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spending Time With the BFF

Because we didn't have school...again, I invited myself on a shopping trip with my BFF and her mom. Yes, I invited myself, but to be fair, I have been given an open invitation to do so. We had a lot of fun. I bought a new purse. I've been looking for one for over a year and finally found one I liked. I'm still not sure about the color (it's a grey-green), but the BFF liked it. I also found some cheap sunglasses like I wanted. I had also been looking for this style of sunglasses for a year. Both pairs of my good sunglasses had broken and the superglue wasn't holding, so I guess it was definitely time for a new pair.

The new purse. It is really big! Just like I like them.

On our way to the “big city” we stopped by a McDonalds in an Amish heavy town. This is the only McDonalds I know of that has a place to tie up your horses. It’s not as impressive in the picture considering they piled all the sleet up around it. The Dollar General across the highway also has a tie up.

Amish Parking

We had lunch at the Olive Garden because the BFF really wanted to eat there. We all had the Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks…yum. I love the salad and breadsticks; I’m not sure why they are so good, but they are.

Right before leaving for the trip home, we stopped at Barnes and Noble. I love that place. I usually don’t get out of there without spending a lot of money, but I managed to refrain from getting any books. I did look through some photography books, but couldn’t find one that I liked more than the others and decided to wait. Maybe I’ll get one used on Amazon or just look through tutorials on the web (although I really want a book to thumb through). I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any books because I’ve already bought 5 books on my Kindle since Christmas. I did, however, treat everyone to Starbucks. Starbucks is part of what makes B&N so wonderful.

When we got home, the BFF and I went to visit our friend who had just gotten home from the hospital from having a baby. The new addition was pretty cute.

Shortly after I got home, I noticed Bella playing with something. She was batting something around on the living room floor. I went over to investigate and this is what I found.

Yep, it’s a dead mouse. Welcome to my world.


Still no school on Tuesday. I needed to make a grocery shopping trip and pick up a present for my nephew’s birthday (he’ll be three) and I knew that the BFF needed to go to the social security office so I asked her if she wanted to go together. The BFF needed to change her name on her SS card because she was married last summer. We got there around 3pm, but the SS office had moved. I had to call the CG’ma for directions and it was still hard to find. Why do they hide places like this?

By the time we were done with the SS office I got a call from Mom telling me that a friend (high school bff) had to take her daughter (under 2 yrs) to the emergency room for breathing problems. We were right next the hospital, so we stopped by, and I’m glad we did. I felt so sorry for them; it has to be really scary having to take your baby to the emergency room. I’m praying for them, but also for my niece and nephews because they were all in the same nursery together on Sunday! Hope the virus doesn’t get passed on.

After a fun trip to Wally-World (Wal-Mart), we were going back to my Mom’s house to wait on the BFF’s mom so we could all watch Mama Mia together. Girls’ Night!

I love going to Wal-Mart with the BFF. It is so much more fun to shop with someone else than it is to shop by yourself. We tend to make fun of random items.

Girls’ Night was great. The BFF and I picked up some Little Caesar’s on the way home from shopping and Mom had made a chocolate sheet cake. It was fun just to hang out and watch a movie.

Good food, good fun and good friends!

What do you like to do with your best friends?


Phoebe said...

The last time we went to the "city" I seen that horse hitch. I died laughing, but Willie didn't find the humor in it.

Glad someone else thought it was funny! :)

Love the purse, btw.

Smalltown Girl said...

I've always thought it was really funny, then when we stopped there for a "pee break", I thought I would take a pic and post it!