Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11 Results Show

I didn’t fast forward through this episode like I normally do because I was also working on Photoshoping pictures for a brochure, so I used the down-time to work on the pictures.

I was interested to see how the choreography would work around Scott this week. That’s one of my favorite new pass times. This week they sang “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” and Scott played the piano. This was a terrible song to choose to do because it is a solo song, not a group song and sounded terrible as a group song.

The Ford commercial was cute, but since they were running around throwing water balloons at each other, Scott didn’t get much face time. I’m sure it is sometimes hard to figure out where to place him so that he doesn’t need to run around like the rest of the group.

Danny’s safe (big surprise *sarcasm*), Lil is safe (not sure why…she was the worst of the whole bunch, so she must have some fans), Anoop is safe (Yay!), Allison and Michael stand together, so you know one of them is in the bottom three. Allison is told she’s in the bottom three. (I can’t believe this. She was one of the best from last night’s performances.) Michael is also in the bottom three. (This I’m okay with because he should be in the bottom. I am, however, surprised that his “good ‘ol boy” status didn’t keep him out of the bottom three.)

FF through Brad Paisley’s country ballad.

Scott is safe (I’m glad, he’s so sweet and I would love to see him a few more weeks), Megan is also safe (and she should be after last night’s performance…while sick), Matt is safe (no surprise). Kris gets through with no problems. Alexis and Adam go up against each other. I’d be surprised if it isn’t Alexis in the bottom. And…Alexis is in the bottom three.

One goes immediately back to the couches…Allison is safe. Which is as it should be. She shouldn’t have been in the bottom three to begin with. I’m okay with the other two, but think Alexis is better than her performance last night and out of the two, is the one I think deserves another chance. Having said that, I bet Alexis is about to give her final performance.

FF through the majority of the Carey Underwood and Randy Travis duet.

Before going to commercial break, Ryan asks Simon if they would consider using their one save on either one of the contestants and Simon said they’d already discussed it and depending on who is chosen to go home, they would consider using the save.

Michael is safe and Alexis is chosen to go home. Now my guess is that Alexis is the one they would chose to save, but I’m not sure…let’s see.

Simon said that Alexis was the one they were thinking about saving, and that it all came down to her performance. During Alexis’ performance, they show the judges huddled up discussing whether or not they are going to save her. Remember, they only get one save all season. I’m not sure that Alexis doesn’t over do it, trying to prove that she deserves to be kept in the competition.

He said they were unanimous on their decision. The song was good, but not good enough and they decide to not use their save on Alexis. I wouldn’t have used it either. Michael should have gone home before her, but she wasn’t good enough to save.

Next week AI will be on Wednesday and Thursday due to the President’s speech on Tuesday.

Is your favorite contestant still in the running?

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