Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing To Say

I actually have nothing to talk about tonight. I think that's a first for me.

I guess I could talk about how I have decided to take a stand against the kids in my class who refuse to do any work. You know...those kids who are mearly taking up space in an already overloaded classroom and do nothing but cause trouble? Yeah...those kids. I wrote up discipline notices on 5 kids in one class yesterday for not doing anything in my class, then wrote two of those same kids up again today (plus one more) for truancy. I could tell you all about that...but I won't.

I could tell you about how I had a discussion with one of my female students (while I had to 'babysit' her while she made up missed hours at school) about how her parents should be punishing her more, and exactly what I would do if I was her mom. If I told you this story, I might tell you about how I got up on my soap box right after she told me that her mom couldn't take away her phone, computer or car because she (the student) paid for them. I might then tell you how I informed her if she was my kid she would not only have her phone, computer and car taken away, but also the electricity to her room and the door to her room (as well as having her windows nailed shut for sneeking out of the house) if she continued to fight back when I told her no. I could go into this long drawn out story...but I won't.

Instead I'll just say:

It was a great day with the temperature hovering around 85 degrees. Spring was definitely in the air. I had a half day at work, then a short teacher's meeting (without fights! yay!). I stopped by a nearby lake I've been wanting to stop by for awhile so I could take pictures for my photoblog. I got a few good pictures. I also spent some time with my niece and nephews. I hadn't seen them in two weeks because I had been too sick last weekend to go to my Mom's where we all convene on Saturdays. I just didn't want to get them sick. I'm looking forward to tomorrow (Saturday) because it should be another fun and beautiful day with the kids.

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