Sunday, March 22, 2009

Savings Sunday 3-22

I didn't really have any good savings to add this week. Even the coupons in this week's paper were pretty lame...unless you like Rhodes rolls (4 coupons...why?).

I did find out some pretty disturbing news. My mom went to Walgreen's this week and the man at the register told her that Walgreen's was going to get rid of their Easy Saver book. What?!?! Why? He told her that they were going strictly to Register Rewards, and that most people preferred them. Whatever. Now I have to want both the product that produces a RR and the product the RR is for. Not awesome. She wasn't sure if they were getting rid of the weekly ads with the instant value coupons in them. I hope they don't, but I am betting they do. They'll probably just have sales in their adds with the RRs that you can get. Apparently, next month is the last month for ES.

And just when I was getting into the whole Walgreen's thing.

What do you think about Walgreen's new system?

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