Sunday, March 29, 2009

Savings Sunday 3-29

I've blown my saving streak this weekend. I have already gone out to eat twice this weekend and I'm getting ready to go out again tonight. These were all very legitimate reasons, however. I went out with a colleague from another school district yesterday to discuss teaching methods and a possible shift (for me) to my hometown school district; I saw that lunch as a possible investment in my future, so I was okay with it. Also, one of my former youth group kids is in town for spring break, and I bought us a pizza when she came over after I got off work Friday. Tonight I'll be taking her and a college friend of hers out to eat for supper. I'm also okay with all of that because I enjoy getting to spend time with her, and I don't begrudge giving a college kid a free meal.

I did make a good purchase this weekend on the "savings front". Bath and Body Works was having their 5 for $15 sale on antibacterial hand soap. Their soap is all I'll use, so it was time to stock up. I've actually had a huge stock for the last year or so, but it had dwindled down to just 3 bottles left. I ended up buying 9 bottles of soap and one bottle of lotion. Even though they were a little over $3 a piece (with s&h), that is a good buy when it comes to B&BW soap. I also love having B&BW products around because they make great spur-of-the-moment gifts! No one knows that I didn't make a special trip to the mall to pick them out something, and they don't know that I bought it on sale!

How did your savings go this week?

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