Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Top 10 Results Show

FF through the recap of last night’s show.

I actually watched all of the group song. It was pretty good. I guess at this point in the stage, it should be.

The Ford commercial was okay.

FF through Ruben and his sweaty, bald head.

• Adam is safe (like anyone thought otherwise).
• Matt is in the bottom three (I am surprised at that).
• Kris is safe.
• Lil and Michael stand together…Lil is safe and Michael is in the bottom three (where he belongs).

FF through Smokey

• Allison is safe.
• Anoop is safe.
• Danny is safe (like Adam…not a surprise. Danny’s not surprised either)
• Scott and Megan stand together…Scott’s in the bottom three.

Matt, Michael and Scott
Ryan asks Randy who doesn’t deserve to be standing there and Randy, of course, picks Matt.

Ryan sends Scott back to the couches.

Then there’s a Motown Melody from Stevie Wonder. I love that he looks and sounds the same as he always has…well, he’s lost some hair, but other than that.

Matt’s safe and Michael is going home. There’s no way that the judges will save Michael.

Ryan brings Michael up to the judges after Michael sings his song, and Simon tells Michael that he’s going home.


Coffee Maker said...

judging by his unwaveringly positive commentaries, it would seem that Smokey Robinson is a die-hard optimist

Smalltown Girl said...

@Coffee Maker - I actually thought something very similar when I was watching the show.