Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras

Notice how the girl on the left is giving the winner the "evil eye"? Also, the girl on the right was on the episode I watched and she was a spoiled hellion! She kept yelling at her dad to "shut up" and he did nothing!

So I was watching Toddlers & Tiaras today. I’d never seen this particular show before, but I’ll admit it…I’m fascinated by the craziness that surrounds these kids’ pageants.

First of all…the majority of these mothers are not lookers. At All! And…they usually come from lower-class families. Trailer-living, buck-toothed mothers… I seriously can’t get enough of watching this. It’s like watching a circus…in my own home! I just find this fascinating. It’s as if they are living vicariously through their kids. You can practically hear there thoughts: "No one ever told me I was pretty...but by gosh, my daughter will be told she's pretty!"

One mom of a seven year old kept saying things like, “her aunt lets her shave her legs” and “her aunt lets her get highlights in her hair” and then has the nerve to say that she thinks her daughter is too young for these things…You’re the mom! Don’t let her do it!

Another mom chose to put her daughter in pageants before she was even born! It’s not like she even knew if her kid was going to be cute or not. This is the girl on the right in the above photo. Remember the spoiled hellion!?! Yep, that's her.

It’s ridiculous. Put enough make-up, fake eyelashes, fake teeth (yes, teeth!), hair extensions, spray tans and expensive dresses on a kid and they’re probably going to pass for cute…no matter what they look like without all the beauty products.

Of course we all know that these people are just paying for the titles, trophies and tiaras. Those kids always come out with some sort of title. When there are only four girls in a category, they’re all going to win something. In fact, most of them win multiple titles by entering just one pageant. It’s all ridiculous. And, oh…how mad the parents are when their kid doesn’t win a major title...

But my FAVORITE part about watching these types of shows is when they show the mom. She’s always standing right behind the judges doing all the moves that her daughter is doing. It’s hilarious to see these grown women making the weirdest moves.

Am I crazy to find this insanity so fascinating?


melasleep said...

Never miss it!!! I am definitely not interested in my granddaughter doing any of this and neither is her mother. But like you I am fascinated. It's just so crazy to watch. I feel sorry for the little girls especially when they say things like "mama I'm starvin'". Poor little things have stood there so long getting makeup and hair done and then when they get their dress on of course they can't eat...might get dress dirty. It's really a form of child abuse. OK, stop ranting.

Clever Elsie said...

You perfectly vocalized every single thought I've had while watching this show! And I find that particularly interesting because I know the producers try to reserve judgment and allow the audience to reach its own conclusions. But the camera never lies!