Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shopping While Sick and Annoying Parents

I went to the grocery store today because I stayed home sick with bronchitis and thought I'd take advantage of the ability to shop at a time other than the weekend. I really shouldn't have gone because I ended up feeling much worse after the outing, but I had planned on making it a short trip for a few much needed items (like milk and cat food).

I found the store to be pretty busy for a Tuesday morning, but as I neared the end of my shopping, the store seamed to clear out. I figured out why when I made it up to the checkouts. The store had cleared out because everyone was at the checkouts. It was terrible. I've spent less time in line on a Saturday afternoon!

But to the real reason I'm writing this...

I was in line in front of one of those parents that pretend to punish their kids but really don't. This lady had an infant and a toddler with her. Her boy was around the age of three. He kept standing up in the cart and touching things. Part of the time he was touching the stuff I was buying. She kept telling him to Stop, Sit Down, Stop That, Don't Touch Things, etc., etc. It was all very annoying. You could tell that she was one of those parents that barks orders at her kid, but never follows through with any real punishments. The kid sure wasn't afraid of any retribution from disobeying his mother.

I found this all very frustrating. If people are not going to follow through with an actual punishment, then don't bother chastising your child. What's the point? The kids figure out real fast that they don't actually have to do what their parent says.

Do you ever find yourself annoyed by things like this?

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Phoebe said...

As a parent myself--I am continually annoyed by the way other parents parent. I'm sure that I am no pro, and that I make a fair share of my own mistakes--but good grief! If you aren't going to follow through--DON'T say it. It's a waste of my air! ;)