Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Top 7 Results Show

AI does this ridiculous opening bit that’s supposed to look like a trailer for an action movie. Lot’s of weird shots of Tarantino in the audience.

Apparently an “all-star line-up” includes Miley Cyrus…really?

I’m guessing that the judges will most likely use their save on anyone but Lil tonight. If they don’t use it tonight, they only have one more week to use it.

Corney and badly sung Ford commercial. They’ve done better.

The contestants sing “Maniac” from Flashdance. Lil sucks up the stage like a Hoover. She really needs to go tonight.

Sadly…I actually want to see 17 Again. I know it’s Zach Effron, but it looks like a good movie.

• Allison is safe (I might have protested if she wasn’t)
• Adam is safe – he didn’t even look worried…
• Anoop is in the bottom three. I’m not terribly surprised, but I am disappointed. Ryan tries to draw out the suspence, but Anoop says, “come on Ryan.”

Jennifer Hudson reunion. She’s probably the idol alum that’s gone the farthest…she won an Oscar for goodness sake. She said this was her first time on AI since she had been kicked off. I watched part of her performance…this was not my favorite of her songs. She seemed to be having problems with her earwig. Possibly it was not live…hard to tell with AI.

Ryan talks to Anoop and he says that he’s actually surprised to be sitting in the bottom three. Simon says he deserves to be there. Which is a little odd since he gave him good reviews after Anoop sang.

• Kris and Lil stand up. I think they should both be in the bottom three based on last night’s performance (along with Matt). Hopefully Lil will be in the bottom three (and go home tonight). Kris is safe, Lil is in the bottom three.
• Matt and Danny stand. Matt should definitely be in the bottom based on last night’s performance. Danny is safe, and Matt joins Anoop and Lil.

Bottom Three: Anoop, Lil and Matt

Kara says it is the right three. Paula says they all had flaws in their performances and that’s why they’re there.

Ryan sends Anoop back to the couches. Yippee!

This is the first time I’ve ever heard Miley Cyrus sing or even heard one of heard songs. Can someone tell me why she is singing through her nose? Is she even opening her mouth? Unfortunately, I have caught up to live television and can’t fast forward. Oh the torture. Add the bad dance movements to the nasally singing and I just want to slit my wrists. I can’t believe millions of tween girls are fascinated by her. Give me Selena Gomez any day. Oh, my achey breaky ears!

Please tell me that Lil is going home in order to make up for having to listen to Miley…

OMG!!!!!!! I can’t believe Lil is safe. She has sucked hard for the last 5 weeks!

Matt now has to sing for his life. He’s not doing a very good job of it.

The judges decide to save Matt…although Simon seemed a little reluctant to do so. That means that two people get kicked off next week. And it’s Disco Week. I’ll be looking forward to some Jive Talkin’!

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