Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Top 7

They are only letting two judges talk for each contestant after last week’s fiasco of running over the hour time limit. Simon says it’s the girls’ fault, but I think it might be the 7 minutes (I timed it) of introducing the judges as well as the Quentin Tarantino background crap. Quentin’s there because it is Songs from the Movies night. I’m going to miss hearing what Simon has to say on all the contestants' performances. He is often the only one in his right mind.

Allison sings “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and I loved her rendition. There were a few times I thought she was going to get off key, but she always managed to pull it back just in time. Paula says that Allison “possesses the same special sauce” as Adam does. That creeped me out. What special sauce is Paula talking about anyway? Simon thought it might be BBQ sauce. He said she was the girls’ only hope left in the competition.

Anoop sings “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of my all time favorite movies. I think Anoop does a good job with this song. It’s not his usual song type, but he belts it out and hits all the notes, showing that he is versatile. Randy says that Anoop has found his zone over the last couple of weeks, and that he did a really good job. Kara agrees and said she felt connected to his singing.

Adam sings “Born To Be Wild”. What can I say? I can barely stand to watch this hypocrisy any longer. The arrangement was good, but I can’t stand Glambert. It’s all an act people. If you can’t get that, you need to get some glasses and hearing aids. Having said that, Glambert did an excellent impression of Axl Rose with the running around and the glory note at the end. Has anyone seen Axl in awhile? Maybe Glambert’s channeling him somehow. Axl, I mean Glambert, finishes and is soooo… proud of himself. Paula is creaming all over herself again. She says that he “dares to dance in the path of greatness.” Simon says it was vocally incredibly, but a little like watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and didn’t think that performance would be as popular as last week’s.

Matt sings another Bryan Adam’s song with “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman”. I think Matt drops the ball on this arrangement as well as with his vocals. There are some moments when he can’t seem to hit the right notes. Randy thought he “fell down” in more places tonight that he did right. Kara didn’t like it either.

At this point I’m noticing that Quentin is directing his own video clips. You can see him nod when he is done talking about the contestant as if he’s saying “cut”.

By the time Danny comes out, the 2 judge system has obviously produced too much extra time, and Ryan spends time asking Danny about his new guitar.

Danny sings “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie. He does a good job, but it wasn’t his best. I’m not sure he made the song contemporary in any way, especially with the harp playing in the background. Paula loved it. Simon said he couldn’t fault Danny’s singing, but he didn’t like the harp, and thought it was a traditional version of the song (sounds a lot like what I said).

Kris sings “Falling Slowly”. I’m not sure I recognize this song or the movie it’s from, however, I thought Kris did a good job. Like Danny, I didn’t think it was Kris’ best, but it was respectable. Randy said it was pitchy from note one. Kara said it was one of his best moments ever.

Now they’re rushing again. Can’t they decide how to do this? This is not the first time…it’s season EIGHT!

Lil gets the pimp slot and boy does she need it. I continue to be amazed that she hasn’t been kicked off yet. She sings “The Rose”. Not a huge surprise, although I thought she would choose “I Will Always Love You” from The Bodyguard. This is nothing like Mary J. Blige, so I doubt the judges will like it. This is most her unique rendition of a song yet with it’s gospel flair in the middle, however, Lil continues to be technically good, but without any spark or sense of who Lil really is. Paula says nothing about Lil’s singing, instead choosing to comment on the song’s lyrics. Simon says he has no idea what Paula just said, and tells Lil that she once again got it completely wrong, the song was too soft with her. Lil tries to defend herself, but it doesn’t work.

They go over this week as well, but not as bad as last week. I think Lil is in trouble (but I’ve said that before). We’re getting down to the best of this season, so it is harder to chose the bottom three. I’m going to pick Matt and Kris to join Lil, but I won’t be surprised if Anoop ends up in the bottom because he’s spent so much time there in the past.

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