Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol – Top 7…Again

This week AI is going to kick off two contestants because of last week’s Judges save. This is going to be disco week. I guess disco didn’t die. Actually, I like a lot of the disco songs…

Paula appears to be wearing an unusually sober outfit. Well, sober for Paula. Usually there are at least feathers or an abnormal amount of sequins involved in one of her outfits. Don’t get me wrong though…there were sequins.

Lil starts us out almost immediately with “I’m Every Woman” (no videos this week, but we’re back to hearing from all four judges). Lil is wearing a terrible black spandex suit, but her extensions look nice. Her singing is especially terrible this week; it’s super shaky. I really can’t believe she’s still in the competition. Randy said it sounded “wild”. Kara agreed with Randy and said that she’d been every other woman on the stage except Lil. Paula said that it was a remarkable recovery from being on vocal rest the day before, but that Lil didn’t tap into her inner goddess. Simon said he thought this would be the last week they would see her.

Kris sings “She Works Hard For The Money”. Kris totally changes up the song and doesn’t sound like a disco song at all, especially with all the acoustic guitar and bongos. I liked this arrangement even though it’s not my type of music. It was interesting and original. Kara said he took a real risk and it paid off big time. Paula said it had a Santana feel to it (I agree…for once). Simon says he never understands what Paula is saying (in reference to her comment about Kris shopping in the women’s department for a song) and said it was the polar opposite of Lil’s performance. Randy said this proves that Kris is ready for the big time.

Danny sings “September”. Danny keeps the song fairly close to the original. I was hoping for something more original. I would have liked to see him rock out a disco hit, but… He hits the notes, and he will be safe this week. Randy said he had been worried when he heard Danny’s song choice, but that he worked it out. Kara said he was an incredible vocalist. Paula said Danny has a sexy voice. Simon said he agrees with what the other judges said, but didn’t get any star power from the performance because there was nothing special about it.

Allison sings “Hot Stuff”. Allison fulfils my hopes that she could turn a disco hit into a rock hit. It reminded me of something from Heart. I liked her performance and I think it would be a shame if she is in the bottom three again this week. This girl can sing and there’s a future for her in music. Randy said he didn’t love the arrangement, but that Allison is one of the best singers in the competition and she can really sing. Kara agreed with Randy. Paula said that Allison brought edginess. Simon said it was a brilliant performance.

AI is really speeding through the performances and judges comments tonight. Dare I say we might get done on time?

Paula continues to say asinine things. I’m in total agreement with Simon… we could really use a translator for Paula. I wonder how long she sits trying to come up with her comments. Possible, someone is writing them for her (and if so, they need to be fired). They are meant to sound witty, but just make her sound like she’s on something (and she might be).

As a side note, I got to see the controversial Sponge Bob, BK, Baby Got Back commercial. It is a little weird to have Sir Mix A Lot singing about a BK kid’s meal…

Adam sings “If I Can’t Have You”, which he turns into a ballad. I still don’t like his voice, but I liked I this arrangement. Yes, I said it…I liked something that Glambert did. The voice was still grating and annoying, but I liked how he slowed down the song. This may not be Adam’s most memorable performance though. Randy said Adam shows his range and that Adam is ready to record. Kara said he was brilliant and this was the most memorable performance. Paula is in love and would probably date Adam if he wasn’t gay. She said it was like he “tore his heart out and left it on the stage.” Simon loved that it was original and it was memorable with immaculate vocals.

Matt sings “Staying Alive”. He takes it from a disco dance song to an R&B dance song. Good, but not great. I’m not sure this will keep him out of the bottom three. Only time will tell. Paula’s up and dancing though. Randy starts out with his whole, “All right, yo. Uhhh..”, so you know he didn’t love it. He said he didn’t love the song choice or arrangement, but that Matt can really sing. Kara says that Matt brought disco back and it was a solid performance. Paula liked it (actually she said something about bowling, but…). Simon said he didn’t like it because the song came across as a “bit desperate”.

Anoop sings “Dim All The Lights” and sports new facial hair. I don’t remember this song. He sings it as a ballad, but without remembering the original, it’s hard to do a comparison. Randy said he didn’t love the arrangement, but that Anoop can sing. Kara said it was a great song choice and thought it could be on the radio. She also said it was one of his best performances. Paula comments on Anoop’s look (she liked it) and loved his voice. Simon disagreed and said it was “mediocre at best” and Anoop’s worst performance.

I’m going to say that Lil, Anoop and Matt will be in the bottom three, possibly Allison (but she doesn’t deserve to be there). Lil is definitely going home tomorrow and I would choose Matt to go with her.

Ryan kills my AI buzz with the news that David Crapuletta will be performing tomorrow. I will have to listen to part of it just to remind myself how bad Wheezy really is.

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