Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Top 7 – Double Elimination

I’m behind in watching AI tonight and I have already gotten a text from a friend that said, “HAHAHA You lose”. So I am guessing Anoop is going home. I have always known that he wouldn’t win, but I had hoped that he would get to the top four…stupid Glambert.

First we start off with the background of Paula as choreographer for this week’s group song. I will admit, the dancing seems a little less cheesy this week. However, it seemed pretty obvious that they were lip singing the song. There was no way Kris hit those notes like that while he was dancing. Then AI pays for a huge bouquet of flowers for the contestants to give to Paula.

The Ford commercial was better than last week, but still super cheesy.

Lil is eliminated right off the bat (minus Ryan’s typical drawn-out announcement)…and then they make her sing. FF…I heard this last night. Randy tells Lil it is “just the beginning”. Of what? Her drive home?

FF through old lady singing…poorly. I like the song…back when it was recorded 30 years ago. Second old lady not as bad…still FF though. Seriously…FF through all the old singers that have lost their voices and are not able to sing their one-hit wonders anymore.

Kris is safe.

Adam is safe. Why does Ryan even pretend to draw this out? I wish he would just say, “Adam is safe…don’t even bother to get up.” At least he doesn’t try to pretend like Adam might go home.

Danny is safe…after an awkward moment between Simon and Ryan.

Anoop is in the bottom three.

Matt and Allison stand up. Matt is safe and Allison joins Anoop. Of the two, Allison deserves to stay based on Anoop having good days and bad days. Allison is a solid contender.

Ohhh…pain! David Crapuletta is singing. He is so off-key at the begining it is painful. And the Wheezing, the wheezing never stops. I can’t believe he was last year’s runner-up. I can’t stand it anymore and must FF through the rest of this mess.

Anoop and Allison go through the Ryan-torture, and Anoop gets told he’s going home…but first he has to sing.

So Anoop and Lil go home. Is your favorite still in the game? I no longer have a favorite; I'm just going to spend my time hatin' on Glambert.

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Gina Marie Wake said...

Kris Allen is my favorite since Danny became so boring and smug. Love Kris. :)