Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unecessary Meetings

So here I a useless meeting. It's one of those 'Cafeteria Plan' meetings. I have no intention of signing up for this plan, but we were told we had to come to the meeting. Don't think I didn't ask!

Here's the rub...I'm looking around the room and not all the teachers are even here. How come I have to show up? I shouldn't have asked. I should have just left and went grocery shopping like I planned on doing. I could have been home by now and on my way to the store!

I can't decide how many of these people have glazed looks on their faces and how many are actually paying attention. I DO know that I'm not the only one on my Blackberry!

I wish this guy would stop telling side stories. I don't care how he took his whole family to the chiropractor or how his kids have braces and that's how he uses his flex plan.

There is an interesting graphic on the screen of a piggy bank with dollars coming out the top because people have saved sooooo much money. Oddly enough...only pennies are dropping from the sky and going into the bank.

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