Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol Top 9 Results Show

Simon says Anoop, Matt and Megan should be worried.

The Ford commercial was a little “mixed up”. Not my favorite.

The Idol’s sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Journey is probably my favorite band and I hate to see this done to one of their songs. It was really terrible. Poor Steve Perry is probably rolling in his figurative grave.

• Megan, Matt and Kris stand up and all have to go to the stage.
• Adam, Lil, and Alison all stand up and have to go to the center of the stage.
• Scott, Danny and Anoop all stand up and go to the stage as well.

Now all 9 are standing in the stage. Apparently one group is the bottom three. If that’s true, then it is definitely Megan, Matt and Kris. But they pick one from each group, which is not what Brian led us to believe would happen. Big surprise.

David Cook sings. I Heart David Cook. This is one performance I’m going to watch. I love that he’s still playing the same guitar with his brother’s initials on it as he did during last season. Awww…I miss David. I just don’t feel the same pull toward the contestants this year as I did last year when I definitely had favorites and those I hated. Of course, I’m slowly building up a hatred for Adam.

• Kris is safe
• Matt is safe
• Megan is in the bottom three and does a weird bird call and wing flapping thing on her way to the stools.
• Lil is safe
• Allison is in the bottom three (but I don’t think she’s going home)
• Adam is safe (no big surprise after the judges practically gave him a pass)
• Danny is safe
• Scott is safe
• Anoop is in the bottom three

Bottom Three: Megan, Allison and Anoop

FF through the crazy lady with the make-up and the weird pink piano.

Simon says one of the bottom three would be worth saving, my guess would be Allison.

Allison is safe, so it is now between Anoop and Megan.

Megan is on the bottom and is most definitely going home. I am so glad. Simon says that he’s not even going to pretend to re-evaluate her. Then I FF through Megan’s song.

Is your favorite still in the running?

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Gina Marie Wake said...

I am so glad I never have to hear Megan's voice again. Her stupid bird call "caw! caw!" reminded me of high school when Bart Fris and Carson used to make that noise whenever Mrs. Snyder was around. ;)