Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bigger and Better

Wednesday night our youth group went on a "Bigger and Better" scavenger hunt. The kids start out with a paperclip and try to trade for bigger and better things. We broke up into three groups. I drove around a group of four girls. We went to the big houses behind the golf course, but I think we made the wrong choice. Next time I'm going strait for the apartments.

The girls worked very hard, but there were not very many people home. Also, the houses were bigger, but so were the yards. It was a lot farther between houses and the girls had to do a lot of running. The main problem was that the first guy gave them a York Peppermint Patty for the paperclip. That may not sound like a big deal, but every trade they did, the people seemed to think that they had to trade us food. Because of that, they didn't get very far very fast. Eventually the girls finally convinces someone to trade for something beside food. We went to doctor's houses and dentist's houses and still couldn't get anything good. In the end, we ended up trading a vase for a big stuffed Cat in the Hat. I'm not sure it was better, but it was bigger!

The boys group ended up with a nice kitchen stool and a small electric chainsaw! I think the other groups cheated though because the boy's group was given money and had amassed over $5 before they finally got someone to take the money for something, plus I think they split up and went to two houses at once. I know the third group did that. Our group was the only one that didn't get more than one thing at a time, so we couldn't have gone to two houses at once, not that I would have let them anyway.

Even though we lost (big time), we had a lot of fun. I'm hoping we get to do it again soon...but next time I hope we have more time to scavenge. A few years ago one group came back with a TV!

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Gina Marie Wake said...

This is a quintessential small town story. When someone knocks on my door without calling first in St. Louis, I don't even consider answering the door. And if for some strange reason I did, and they were asking me to trade a paperclip for something, I would think it was a scam for sure. ;)