Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Top 8 Results Show

The show starts out with a really scary Photoshopped picture of Simon and Paula as babies. It was terrible, and I might have nightmares.

Frankie Avalon sang, and Simon had love in his eyes. It was a little weird and awkward.

They chose the group song from the year AI was born, “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” from 2002. Ummm… not even sure what to say about it, but I’m hoping I get that performance outta my head.

I really wish they would just make this a half hour show. All the extra stuff is so annoying. Just tell me who gets kicked off!

They show the backstage stuff of the Ford commercial. It’s on a stage and very theatrical with glitter face-paint and everything, so Adam, a.k.a. Glambert, is totally in his element.

Adam, Kris and Anoop are pitted against each other. Glambert of course is safe, so it’s between Kris and Anoop…

Anoop is in the bottom three. This is ridiculous.

Of course there is the obligatory guest appearance. This time it is Flo Rida with his ridiculous remake of an awesome 80’s song. I’d never heard it before, but my students ask about it when I play the original. I guess it is a good example of taking a song and making it your own. Of course, in this case, it’s more like sampling than a re-make. I FF through half of it.

Danny stands alone and is told he is safe…not a surprise at this point.

Matt stands alone as well and is told he is safe after a long drawn out affair by Ryan.

Scott stands by himself too (what’s up with this new tactic) and Scott is told he’s in the bottom three.

Lil and Allison go against each other and it’s not even a competition. Everyone knows, including Lil, who is going to be in the bottom three out of these two.

Lil is in the bottom three.

Bottom Three: Anoop, Scott and Lil

Ryan asks Simon about the save and Simon says there’s at least one of them that they would consider saving.

FF through Kelly Pickler. I don’t do country music and I didn’t watch that season anyway.

The bottom three go to center stage and Lil is sent back to the couches. I cannot believe this. I really thought she might go home, but I was sure she would be one slot away from the bottom if she wasn’t in the bottom. I don’t understand Anoop being in the bottom three…especially this week. He did an awesome job last night. People need to get out and rock the Anoop vote. I’m guessing this means that Scott is going home. We all knew from the beginning that his blindness was only going to carry him so far.

Scott has the lowest number of votes, but apparently only 30,000 votes separated them. Scott of course is not going to be saved by the judges. I’m not even sure he has a singing career ahead of him.

Simon says two think Scott should stay and two think he should go. I think he should go because he doesn’t stand a shot of winning. But I do like Scott.

Simon says Scott is going home. They show a video of his time on Idol and all the contestants, including Scott, turn around and watch the video. Which is odd, because obviously Scott can’t see it.

Paula does a mushy ending about how much of an inspiration Scott was, but I don’t think that his blindness should have been a factor in a singing competition. Although I do agree that he was an inspiration to many.

I wish Lil would have gone home, and I still can’t stand Glambert (even though he may win the whole thing).

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