Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Top 8

First of all, let me just say that Adam made it on O’Reilly yesterday. They were discussing the pictures that are now circulating the interweb of Adam kissing guys. Basically the question was whether or not his possibly being gay would affect his chances in the competition. Obviously not. I think the fact that he’s totally faking his persona should affect his chances, but that might just be me.

Theme: Songs from the year the contestant was born. We got to see “baby” photos of the judges as well as the contestants. Except a lot of them aren’t actually baby photos.

Danny - 1980 “Stand by Me” I’m not sure this is fair because he picks an old song that was re-made the year he was born. I think contestants should have to chose a song that first came out the year they were born because this is something I’ve seen several contestants do. I hate how this song started out; it was way too slow. I also didn’t like the cheesy background music. It’s not 1980 anymore, couldn’t this be updated a little? He does a good job though. Randy didn’t like the arrangement, but loved Danny. Kara also didn’t like the arrangement, but thought Danny did a great job. Paula liked the arrangement and liked Danny. Simon said it was overall great.

Kris - 1985 “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” I remember this song, and Kris sure changed it around. I didn’t like the brass in the background because it made the song sound old to me; other than that, it was a good arrangement. I’m not fully loving Kris, but he’s starting to grow on me. Kara said it sounded like Jazz/Funk and lost some of its youth (I agree). Paula said he has to be one of the most likable contestants (never really says much about his performance). Simon said it was indulgent, boring, forgettable and he sounded like a guitarist who wanted to sing instead of a singer. Randy said that the arrangement was a little self-indulgent and Kris was lost in all the brass and horns.

Lil - 1984 “What’s Love Got To Do With It” It starts out sounding just like the original (same instruments, etc.). I don’t think Lil changes it up enough to make it her own. I’m not sure this song is a good one to choose because it is so iconic. I’m afraid anyone who tried to sing it would just sound like they were singing karaoke. Although she hits the notes, she sounds like a poor imitation of Tina Turner. I know she’s hoping the judges wont tell her she chose the wrong song, but… Paula said she needed to go outside the box and prove herself as an artist, and that Lil did not make the song her own. Simon says they are not looking for a 2nd or 3rd rate version of Tina Turner. Randy says she’s “mad talented”, but it’s as if Lil’s not listening to their advice. Kara says that it’s the difference between a singer and an artist.

Anoop - 1986 “True Colors” Before he even starts, I’m so looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with a Cindy Lauper song. WOW! He slows it down a little and I love it. It’s totally R&B and now. And he can sing. I thought this was great just for it’s uniqueness and his ability to show who he is and make the song his own. It felt like a totally different song. Randy said it was very nice vocals. Kara said he controlled the song and did not let it control him. Paula said his song choice was flawless and his voice was magical. Simon said he made the song his own and was very good.

Scott - 1985 “The Search Is Over” We see Scott without the piano for the first time…he has a guitar now, although he didn’t play until the chorus. I can only imagine how hard it would be to stand in front of a crowd and not be able to see them. It would make it harder to feed of their energy. I think he does an okay job, but he misses a few notes. I never believed Scott would make it all the way to the end and he may be getting close to his last week (good thing Lil’s so bad this week). Kara said he took on a very difficult song; there were parts she liked, but parts she thought were too ambitious for him. Paula thought the high notes sounded a little screechy, but overall: bravo. Simon said Scott should go back to the piano because that’s were he’s more comfortable, and the song was horrible and didn’t work. Randy said it was just all “okay” and didn’t let him “leap off the stage vocally”.

Allison - 1992 “I Can’t Make You Love Me” I really love Allison’s voice. And once again, I can’t believe she’s only 16. I think she loses a little bit of her rock edge with this song, but I think she did a good job. I don’t think she changed it much, but it was good none-the-less. Paula loved it. Simon thought it was really good, but that Allison’s personality needs to come out more; she needs to talk more. Randy agrees with Simon. Kara said she had talent.

Matt - 1985 “Part Time Lovers” I like the original of this song. Matt does a good job, but throws in a lot of runs and falsetto. I’m not sure all of it was necessary. There’s nothing wrong with how he sings, but I’m just not into all the falsetto and runs; it’s not my style of music. However, he does a good job and I can see why others like him. I guess it’s like country singers for me; some of them sing really well, but I still don’t like their music. Randy said it was vocally one of the best. Kara said it was incredible on every level, Paula said “two words: standing O” (not sure that is really two words, more like one word and a letter…). Simon said it was better than last week, well done.

My Tivo runs out before Adam’s performance. Luckily I also Tivo the show after it, so still caught the performance.

Adam - 1982 “Mad World” First of all, he’s sitting on some kind of glowing chair that makes his crotch area look really weird. Also, if you don’t like falsetto, you’re not going to like Adam…and I’m not into the falsetto. I would say 90% of this song was sung in falsetto and I don’t think that was necessary, plus he misses his last note. I’m sure the adoring tweens (and the judges who pander to them) will love it. Adam is quickly becoming this year’s David Crapuletta for me. Simon says words are unnecessary but gives Adam a standing ovation. No time for the other judges...thankfully.

Two side notes:

I’m really tired of Paula’s namby pamby judging. Half the time she never says anything about the music. She’ll compliment the contestants on their outfits or say something equally inane. I hate it when she does this and it makes her look like she doesn't have a clue what's going on, and lessens her effectiveness as a judge.

I’m not voting this year. I don’t have AT&T, so I can’t text in my votes and I don’t have unlimited minutes, so I’m not going to call in (I don’t have a land line phone). Maybe if there was someone I really liked (like last year) then I would go to my mom’s or something and vote from there.

I think Lil is in major trouble and will most likely be going home. I predict Scott will also be in the bottom three, but unsure of who the third person will be.

*Added Note* I've just been reading Prof Chan's blog over at Vote For The Worst and he has nicknamed Adam Lambert, Glambert. I am soooo... using this from now on.

What is your guess?

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