Sunday, April 5, 2009

Savings Sunday 4-5

The local paper had $194 worth of coupons. A true haul. One thing I love about coupons is finding coupons for products I normally buy. Actually, the majority of coupons that I use are exactly for those things.

As I've said before, I am in the process of creating a stock pile of products so I only have to buy things when they are on sale and not because I need them. This morning I was noticing that I was going to have to buy Q-tips soon. I've only been clipping coupons for a few months, but I've not come across any coupons for Q-tips. Today's paper...a coupon for Q-tips! Yes, God does provide. Some may scoff when I say that, but I believe that God has a role in the little things in life as well as the big things. So God gave me a coupon for Q-tips. Actually, He gave me two because my paper had duplicates of those coupons.

One down side, I noticed that a lot of the coupons from this week's paper expire at the end of the month. Usually they are at good for at least two months. My mother was complaining about this just the other day. She said that coupons used to be good for around six months. At least I've noticed that as soon as a coupon expires, there are often new ones that just came out for the same product. Not always of course, but this happens for a lot of things.

I did my first of the month shopping yesterday. I didn't get much stock piling done, and I wasn't as impressed with Walgreen's sales this month, but I did get a few things. However, you never know when you'll come across a coupon that matches something in their sale adds.

I'm hoping that if I give it a few more months, I will have gotten a good stockpile of products and will no longer need to buy as many things when they are not on sale, thus cutting my grocery bill way down. Anything helps right?

How are you saving? Or are you?

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