Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale – Part II

After a much too long trip for groceries plus a stop at Mom’s and one at my Uncle’s…I’m finally home to watch AI. I’m not too upset that it’s been on for 45 minutes because I’m sure I will fast forward through a lot of stuff and end up catching up to real time. This show is over 2 hours of foreplay before the 10-second payoff.

Ryan said there were just under 100 million votes last night, which is pretty impressive.

As Ryan goes through thanking the judges and showing ridiculous clips of them, I’m wondering if they will bring Kara back. I’m not sure that they can get rid of her because that would be admitting a mistake. Ryan makes fun of Randy saying “For me, for you” and Kara’s ridiculous sweeties and honeys. Then there’s Paula. I swear someone should take away her dictionary and thesaurus…I’m pretty sure she has no clue what she is saying most of the time. Then Ryan introduces clips of Simon asking what and pardon because he didn’t hear something.

Mic problems…wonderful. Kris and Adam come out in all white, but neither one’s mic will work. I’m sure someone is getting fired for that.

The Top 13 are back to sing “So What”…or I should say butcher “So What”. Poor Scott is having to be lead around for the choreography again. I’m always impressed with how well he does and how much he trusts everyone to get him where he’s supposed to be.

DAVID!!! I heart David Cook. Proceeds to the song will go to cancer research as a memorial to his brother.

I can’t believe they are wasting time with this ridiculous “award show” that makes fun of people during their auditions. I will admit that, like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t turn away. I did enjoy the Norman Gentle clips…and of course Nick won and we got to see an encore of Norman Gentle. I really hope he gets a gig in Vegas.

FF through most of Lil Rounds and Queen Latifa. Why is Queen Latifa wearing a spandex catsuit? I know she lost weight, but seriously?

Anoop came out to sing and I smile again. I really wish Anoop would have gone farther. Then Jason Mraz came out…barefoot. He’s so awesome.

Kris video that I watch, but don’t really pay much attention to.

Kris sings with Keith Urban…and I don’t really care. I’m not a country fan. I listen to some of it, but FF through the rest.

There’s a big song montage, but I FF through parts of it. I’m just here to get to the end, not to listen to the Black Eyed Peas, especially when they have to edit part of the song.

More Idol Awards. This one is fixed so that bikini chick can come out in barely anything…again. Then Kara comes out and sings the song for real. Katrina tries to sing, but they’ve turned her mic down so you can barely hear her. Then Kara shows off her bikini (for like 5 seconds) for charity.

Allison sings with Cindi Lauper. I love them both, so I watch them sing “Time After Time”.

Danny sings “Hello”. I always loved this song. Then Lionel Richie comes out and joins Danny for another song, but I FF through most of it.

I started out 45 minutes behind real-time, but now I’m only 20 minutes behind!

Then we get to see Adam’s video. I’m still not buying that this is the real Adam; I still think it is all a stage performance where he’s chosen a character and that’s who he has become. If I believed that if it was the real Adam, I would be behind him 100%. Because I think it is an act, I just can’t get behind all the hype. Adam sings with Kiss, which I think is just ridiculous. I bet if Adam’s old theatre buddies are watching this they are laughing so hard they are rolling on the floor. I bet Adam spent more time in HS singing Bette and Judy than he did Kiss.

Santana graces us with his guitar playing…sounding much like I do when playing Guitar Hero (I wish).

Adam and Kris each get a new Ford Fusion. Good for them.

Steve Martin! On a banjo! I sure hope that Nick (Norman) gets to meet him. I FF through most of it because Steve Martin isn’t even singing.

I wish Ryan would quit saying that they are going to tell us who wins “when we come back”. It’s a lie and I find it annoying.

NOOOOO…Not Rod Stewart. FF! FF! FF!

Another Idol Award. This time it is for the women…which means Tatiana is back. I had to go get a vanilla vodka and cranberry cocktail. There was this whole fake thing about Tatiana alluding the security while she sang on the stage. Pan to Ruben who looks like he thinks it is all real and not the obviously staged act that it is.

Kris and Adam sing “We Are The Champions”.

OMG!! KRIS WINS!!! I am sooooo… excited! I can’t believe he came up from no where to win this thing. He was so surprised. I think everyone thought Adam would win, including Kris. I really think that Kris gained all of Danny’s old votes which then put Kris over the top.

Kris sings that ridiculous “No Boundaries” song again.


Gina Marie Wake said...

You should have watched at least part of Rod Stewart b/c it was highly entertaining - he was very clearly either 1. inebriated or 2. way too old to be doing this anymore b/c he was staggering and nearly tripped at least once before I too had to FF. ;)

Ravin' Ray said...

Hi Smalltown Girl. I got to watch the finale show in full from the office where my boss brought a small TV. Where I'm from we're 12 hours ahead of EDT. My boss hadn't come in yet for work so I was free to watch; anyway she would have watched as well if she were there. My jaw just dropped open and I said "Omigosh, he did it!" Kris actually won. I felt so happy for him.

Watching the videos of Kris' homecoming and the viewing party at Conway, as well as sites like yours, makes me hanker for the Small Town America experience. I've been to the US four times on family trips to visit my eldest sister, who has now settled down with her own family in Irvine in southern California. Most of my time in the US is spent there; and even during our trip for my sister's wedding, though we finally went out of state for the first time, we went to Detroit, Washington, and New York, the big cities. I've always wanted to see another side of America, and if ever I get the chance I'd jump at the opportunity.