Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Season Finale – Part I

First they show clips of Kris and Adam during their audition interviews. Which was kind of cool, especially when you think about how far they’ve come from that day.

Ryan says it’s The Guy-Next-Door vs. The Guyliner, and I think that pretty much sums it up.

Each contestant will sing 3 songs: Favorite from this season, one chosen by Simon Fuller and the winner song (co-written by Kara).

Ryan warns that tomorrow night’s show will go a little long and if you are going to record it you should set your DVRs accordingly. I heeded his advice and immediately stopped to do that before I forgot.

Favorite Song from the Season

Adam chooses “Mad World”. This is actually one of the few songs that Adam sang that I actually liked. I think his falsetto works on this song, and I like the slow pace of the song. Randy tells Adam that he loves that Adam’s singing something from the season, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he had to do, so I’m guessing Randy got into Paula’s stash. Kara, “blah, blah, blah”. Paula stumbles over saying nothing. Simon said that he always thought this was Adam’s best song, but thought the fog and long coat was a little too theatrical and reminded him of The Phantom of the Opera (but I did like the look).

Kris chooses “Aint No Sunshine”. Kris pulls out pure sounding notes. It’s a very beautiful song the way Kris sings it. Randy said that was one of Kris’ best performances. Kara says that Kris has a way of making a personal connection with everyone in the audience. Paula (who’s looking pretty orange tonight. I guess she’s representing the Oompa Loompa side of her family) pretty much repeats what Kara just said because we all know Paula’s never had an original thought. Simon said that he originally thought that America had made the wrong choice by choosing Kris over Danny, but that after that performance he takes it all back.

Ryan asks Simon who won that round and Simon says Kris.

Simon Fuller’s choice

Adam sings “Change is Gonna Come” while wearing a fairly normal grey suit (it was shinny, but pretty tame for Adam). Adam really Glams it up for this performance. And I mean performance. He might not have come down stairs with fog and flashing lights, but his facial expressions were very dramatic and over the top. The singing was typical Adam with lots of falsetto and drawn-out notes. Randy says that Adam can sing his face off. Kara said that might be his best performance and interpretation of a song yet. Paula Loompa said it was the best she’d ever heard Adam sing. Simon says that Adam is 100% back in the game.

Kris sings “What’s Going On”. This seems like a song that would have been good for Jason Castro to sing last year. I think Kris did a really good job; I liked the arrangement. Randy says they have a real live duel competition, but that the song was a little light for him (If Randy is blaming the song, then that’s not Kris’ fault, if he’s blaming the interpretation, then he should have said so). Kara doesn’t say much. Paula said that Kris “tore that song up”. Simon said it was like three friends strumming along in their bedroom and was too laid back for tonight’s competition.

Simon calls this round for Adam

Winner’s Song: “No Boundaries”

Adam leaves everything on the stage. You can tell he really is putting everything he has into this performance, but I’m not sure that it helped his vocals any. It didn’t seem that this was his best performance vocally. Randy says that Adam can sing the phonebook, but that wasn’t his favorite Adam performance and it was a little pitchy in places. Kara talks about writing the song, but not much about Adam. Oompa Abdul doesn’t address the song, but talks about Adam as a whole. Simon says that he won’t judge that song (which means that he thought the song and Adam’s performance sucked, but doesn’t want his chosen boy to lose), but that he will judge Adam’s stint on the show, then goes on the kiss Adam’s but.

Kris puts a completely different spin on the song. Kris is more comfortable with this song and it is more suited to his vocal style. Randy said that the key was probably a little bit high for Kris, but that the song suited Kris more than it did Adam. Kara says she doesn’t want Kris to be judged on that song because it was a little too high, and she hopes people vote on the season (which tells me she is hoping people vote for Adam). Paula… (Oh, I don’t care anymore to decipher what she is saying). Simon says that watching him tonight has been incredible because of Kris coming into the competition without confidence in himself and that Kris deserves to be on that stage.

Let’s be honest, that song sucked as a whole and I feel sorry for both guys that they had to sing it at all. Kris had an advantage over Adam because that song was in no way anything like something Glambert would sing…I don’t even think he could pull out many of his trademark falsetto glory notes, however, the song was too high for Kris, so that killed any major advantage that he might have had. The song was terrible and no one should judge either guy on that song.

I’m really hoping that all the people who voted for Danny last week will switch their votes to Kris this week.

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