Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

I had an interesting conversation with my 3-year-old nephew this evening. I was squatted down trying to get gum out of my purse for him when he became fascinated with my necklace, or so I thought...

The conversation went something like this:

Nephew L: Why do you have that?

Me: What

NL: That (points to my necklace)

Me: Because it makes me look pretty.

NL: What is that long thing?

Me: My necklace (I pick it up off my shirt and show it to him).

NL: No, THAT! (Points to my cleavage...yep, that's right.)

Me: Oh...that's my cleavage. (I mean, what was I supposed to say?)

I look down and realize that my squatting stance has squished my boobs together and now I have massive cleavage (and since I always have a lot of cleavage, that's saying something). I look at my sister-in-law and she just shrugs and says "That's my son." in a resigned way.

I think back to my response of "To make me look pretty" and start to laugh. My brother wanted to know what was so funny and we had to tell him. He just looked at NL and said something to the fact that NL had learned something today. It was quite the family moment.

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paul and tricia said...

stg, that is hilarious! my uncle is an older father and so i have some cousins 22 years younger than me. one day when he was about 3 years old, i was carrying him and playing with him and he happened to, somehow, cup my boobs. he looked up at me with the most serious face and said, "what's this?" i was probably as stunned as you were and told him it was my chest. for the next few times that i saw him, he kept trying to feel me up. but after that, he stopped. i just thought it was funny to share a similar story. =)