Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Top 3 Results Show

So…the long awaited Top 3 results show is kicked off with a skit that is basically an add for the new Night at the Museum movie. Seriously?

Out of over 88 million votes, there were only 1 million votes separating the top two. One million votes may sound like a lot, but it’s only 1 vote out of 88.

Tonight, my friends and I were talking about how much we hope that Glambert goes home tonight. One of my friends said he had a feeling that Glambert was going home. We could only hope… I said that it wouldn’t matter if Glambert burped the National Anthem, the judges would applaud and say that he put his own spin on the song.

The Ford commercial ruins yet another good song…as well as my favorite music video of all time: Aha’s “Take on Me”. The real life to comic book just reminded me of it too much.

At this point, the African kid’s song was interrupted by a severe weather report for the local station. We’ll see how many times this happens. Our local channel tends to only pre-empt the scheduled shows if the storms are right over their location…forget the rest of us down in the boondocks. We can blow away for all they care.

Ryan brings Danny out. There’s some talk about his reunion with Jamar (remember him? The other half of the best friend duo?) and a video clip of his return home to Milwaukee. You know they are not going to tell us anything this early…so Danny goes to sit down.

Kris is then brought out and given the same treatment. Kris is from Conway, Arkansas…where I’ve actually been. I have a friend from there and another friend whose husband is from there. Conway isn’t too far away from my neck of the woods. I think it would be great if Kris won the whole thing.

Jordan Sparks sings and then the weatherman breaks in again. As long as he doesn’t have the nerve to break in when it really counts… I shouldn’t be too upset though because it is for a tornado warning.

AI comes back on in the middle of Adam’s video…so I didn’t miss much. I did get to see the place that made Adam who he is…The Theater for the Performing Arts…obviously. Then there was the hot chick who rushed the stage; doesn’t she know he is gay? Maybe she was looking for a gay bff.

Some crazy chick comes out and sings (Katy Perry, “I Kissed a Girl”). Danny says he just wants to get on with it and Adam yells out that he wants to see Katy Perry. She comes out with a cape on that says Adam Lambert on the back of it (I can’t believe AI let her do that). No wonder Glambert was willing to stay in suspense a little longer. That and he probably feels like he’s safe and has nothing to worry about.

Finally… Ryan says that Kris is safe. Yea! I’m really hoping that Glambert goes home, but is it wishing too much? Yes it is… Adam is in the final and Danny goes home. Then there’s a shot of what appears to be Adam’s boyfriend celebrating in the audience.

So the final is going to be between Adam and Kris. It would be so huge if Kris would win over Adam. Danny goes home, but I bet that he has a career in music ahead of him if he wants it. Remember: it’s not always the Idol winners who make it after the show.

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Smalltown Girl said...

This was sent to me through my email from Mark

u r soooooooo funny!!! I live in L.A. and was @ Idol rehearsal today (see Twitter @markthompsontv and going from that to reading this was just about the best trip I could make. The part with the weatherman breaking in, etc. U r da best!! Rock on girl.... Btw tho...Adam SHOULD win so I guess we disagree on that but we AGREE that these top 3 all have bangin' careers ahead.