Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Final 3

Tonight there will be two songs from each artist: one chosen by the contestant and one chosen by the judges. No matter how much the judges’ songs suck, the judges will never say that it was a bad song choice…

Danny sings “Dance Little Sister” chosen for him by Paula. I did not like this song. There was a long string of “do-do-dos” in the middle that proved nothing. Danny did okay with the song, but it would not have been my choice. Randy said it was dope. Kara didn’t like Danny’s dancing (it’s not a dancing competition Kara!). Paula said that she thought Danny did really good (of course…she chose it). Simon reminds the girls it’s not a dancing competition, but then says that he agreed the dancing wasn’t good. Simon said he didn’t like the song, but that Paula was on the right track with Terrence Trent-Darby.

Kris sings a song chosen by Kara and Randy, “Apologize” by One Republic. Kris plays the piano. I like this songs and I think Kris does a good job with it, and his voice is good for a song like this. He does have a little trouble with the high note, but it’s not bad (or even very noticeable). He changes it up just a little bit, but not enough to really “make it his own”. Randy (in his ridiculous, blue-framed glasses) liked the song choice (hmmmm…) and said it showed who Kris could be in the future. Kara didn’t think he hit it out of the park, and that he should have changed it up more. Paula didn’t like it, but wouldn’t say that…instead she fumbled around a lot. Simon called Paula and Kara out for their remarks (especially Kara not liking the song she chose) and said Kris did a competent job of singing the song.

Adam sings “One” by U2, chosen by Simon, who said he had to call the band to get permission for Adam to sing it and was cleared by Bono (who I can’t stand by the way). Adam starts off by singing the song really slow…and in falsetto (of course), then he goes into his super annoying, screeching falsetto. (I don’t mind the melodious falsetto, but I can’t stand his screeching falsetto. I realize that Adam is probably going to win this competition because he’s got the majority of people fooled, but I don’t have to like it. Saying that, I’m not sure either of the other two deserves the title either. This competition has gone down hill throughout the season…but I totally digress) I think Adam’s done much better on other songs. Randy didn’t like how Adam went “off the melody”, but that it’s a great song (which has nothing to do with Adam’s singing) and that Adam is still a great singer. Kara thought it was unbelievable. Paula said she was looking at an American Idol. Simon said it was a brilliant song choice, and it was a brilliant performance.

Danny chooses to sing “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. He does a good job with the song, and manages to get out several glory notes, but that’s the problem, it’s just okay or good with Gokey at this point, nothing great… and he needs to be great to win. He does change up the song and make it his own, and does a good, clean job singing the song. I do think this was a much better song than the one Paula chose for him. Randy said he had mad vocals. Kara said it was stunning. Paula said that he left them all breathless. Simon said it was a vocal master-class (I’m pretty sure that’s good, but not sure what it means).

Kris sings “Heartless” by Kanye West, while playing the guitar. I think Kris does a good job, but this is not normally my kind of song and I’m not a Kanye West fan. Randy said it was better than the original. Kara asked him why he didn’t do that with “Apologize” and said it was perfect. Paula liked it. Simon said he had written Kris out after the first “lame song choice”, but it had all changed after that performance.

Adam chooses to sing “Crying” by Aerosmith. This should be right in Glambert’s range because Steven Tyler tends to sing in falsetto part of the time. Adam starts the song out in his real range (no falsetto) and now I know why he sings in falsetto all the time…he can’t sing any other way but screaming falsetto. I’m sure that a lot of people loved that performance, but it was just painful for me. I really like Aerosmith, and I did not like hearing that done to one of their hits. Randy said that Adam is one of the best that they’ve ever had on that stage. Kara said it was amazing and that they’ll see him at the finals. Paula mumbled a bunch of ridiculous stuff. Simon said he wasn’t going to suck up as much as the other three, and that America shouldn’t assume that Adam will be in the final three, but that they need to vote. Then Adam “humbles” himself by saying some clap-trap about how the other two did a great job and competition was tough…which I in no way believe that Adam really believes; his head is so big now that it’s a wonder it can fit on that stage.

At this point I’m only watching to see what happens. I do not have a horse in this race, and don’t much care what the outcome is.

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