Monday, May 4, 2009

The HD Dilemma

I'm really wanting to upgrade to HD. I'm finding this to be a bigger deal than I had originally thought it would be. Here's the break down...
  • If I upgrade to HD, I have to get a new DirecTV satellite box (and satellite dish).
  • I refuse to give up my Tivo.
  • DirecTV only has a DVR that works with HD. DVRs are NOT THE SAME as Tivo. If you've never had Tivo, you won't understand (it's kind of like how PC people don't understand how great Macs are if they haven't ever owned one).
  • Tivo's HD box does not work with satellite service, just cable (I was just going to do that, but found out it wouldn't work).
  • DirecTV and Tivo are partnering on an HD DirecTV Tivo box (Yippy!), but rumors of it coming out in the second half of 2009 have been pushed back to early 2010 (boo!). Will it be pushed back again? How long must I wait?
  • If I go to HD, I want to also get surround sound (again...have already gone through 2 systems and haven't had it for around 3 years now *sigh*). Most surround sound systems now come with a DVD player in the receiver. That sounds good, but...
  • I need a DVD recorder. I'm actually in the market for one right now because my current one has stopped playing DVDs. If I get a surround sound with a DVD player, how am I going to record shows onto a DVD? I don't want to have a DVD recorder hooked up to a DVD player, that's just stupid (and redundant).
So, I'm thinking of doing a little bit more research, save up some money, and wait out the DirecTV HD Tivo box. I was hoping to get the system this summer with my summer school paycheck, but I should probably be responsible and put that toward a bill. I don't need any of the upgrades (just a new DVD recorder), so nothing has to be done right now. Plus, prices will most likely continue to fall and quality will get better and better on the HD TVs (yeah, I don't even have one yet, it is part of the big expense).

The thing is, I'm single and live alone. I'm a HUGE entertainment freak. I have the TV on all the time (even if I'm not really paying attention and it's just for company). Spending money on a good entertainment system is not something I think is stupid or wasteful because I will definitely get my money's worth. I just want to wait and get the best set up for me.

Let me know if you have any grand ideas!


Gina Marie Wake said...

I know you are a "tivo girl" but I have DirecTV and DVR and i do NOT have HD. In fact my DVR box says HD on it but i don't have HD. So, you don't have to have HD.

Also a good friend of mine was obsessed with her Tivo too until it broke and she went with Dish Network and likes her Dish DVR just fine!

Smalltown Girl said...

@Gina - but I don't want DVR, so it is irrelevant if I use the HD or not. I wouldn't upgrade my satellite earlier this year because I would have to give up my Tivo for a DVR box. No Will Do.

I recently helped my g'ma figure out her DVR and it was so much harder to use than Tivo.

I'm really hoping that the new DirecTV HD Tivo will have all the newer Tivo fuctions. They are awesome.

Gina Marie Wake said...

So problem solved - you'll just have to wait! ;)