Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol – Top Four

We’re gonna rock!! It’s Rock Week. Apparently the contestants didn’t get a “proper” run through because towers were falling down right before dress rehearsal. This week the contestants are going to pair up for some songs. That should be interesting.

So…Slash is the mentor this week. I didn’t realize Slash was a singer, but I do know he’s a rocker.

Adam sings Zeppelin. I just about couldn’t stand to listen to this. It’s not that Glambert was bad, but I don’t like Zeppelin to begin with and then add Adam’s voice… Randy loved it. Kara said that Adam was a rock god. Paula loved it. Simon said it could have been a disaster, but one of his favorite performances of Adam’s and that nobody could top that.

Allison sings Joplin and does a good job. It wasn’t as showy as Adam, but I thought she did a great job of it. Randy said he didn’t love the song choice because it didn’t have the best melody. Kara said Joplin was a good choice, but maybe a different song. Paula said that Allison could play Janice Joplin in a bio-pic (but doesn’t mention the singing…of course). Simon thought she did a good job, but sounded too much like the original.

Danny and Kris sing Stix as a duet. Danny did a pretty good job, but Kris seemed to be struggling to cover a rock band.

Kris sings the Beatles “Come Together”. Kris is just not rock. He hits the notes, but he’s not really believable as a rock singer, even singing something as mild as the Beatles. Randy said he enjoyed it even if Kris isn’t a rock guy. Kara said it wasn’t a great performance and it seemed like he was trying too hard. Paula says a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense. Simon says it was like eating ice for lunch.

Danny sings Aerosmith. Danny does an okay job…better than Kris. He adds some weird doo-wap stuff in the middle of the song, and his falsetto was disappointing. Randy thought it was just alright, but it was a good effort. Kara thought he was trying to hard, but liked that he took chances. Paula wasn’t sure it was the best song choice. Simon said he agreed with what everyone said, but the last note was a like a scream from a horror story.

Allison and Adam sing Foghat’s “Slow Ride”. They did a good job, but then…this is their genre.

I think Kris is in trouble this week.

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