Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol Top 4 Results Show

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I just bought Guitar Hero and American Idol for my Wii and I must get back to it!

• Terrible Ford commercial…I used to really like that song.
• Listened to part of the song, but FF through the second half because I couldn’t stand to listen to Danny and Kris sing Alice Cooper.
• Who cares about Paula…not this gal.
• I tried to listen to No Doubt, but Gwen doesn’t sound as good live…and she was majorly out of breath.
• Ryan draws out the results for as long as he can, but eventually sends Kris to safety. WHAT!?!? I really thought he was going home after last night’s performance. Is Danny going home?
• FF through Daughtry. I didn’t watch that season either (not that I don’t like their music, but remember? Guitar Hero awaits!).
• Ryan sends Adam to safety.
• Danny is safe and Allison goes home. I am not overly surprised, but I loved Allison’s voice. I think she’ll do really well out there in the music biz as long as someone doesn’t try to change her or force her to be pop.

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Gina Marie Wake said...

How could you not enjoy Paula's RIDICULOUS lip synching??? I thought it was a funny contrast to Gwen Stefani up next who was clearly singing live b/c as you pointed out, she was so out of breath that it sounded terrible. Paula should have been embarrassed.