Friday, May 29, 2009

Stupid Satellite Internet

I'm so tired of having to live with sub-par internet because I choose to live in the country. I already pay over twice what the average person pays for internet, but if I want speeds even close to what my "townie" friends have, I have to pay around $90 a month. That's ridiculous. Then there's the fact that less than two miles down the road, they have DSL (which is the fastest thing an average person can get around here).

Things I cannot do because of my slow, high-speed internet:
  1. Watch Hulu
  2. Watch Netflix Instant movies. I do use it to watch TV episodes, but have to do it in 5 minute intervals to allow for buffering.
  3. Play online games
  4. Pretty much anything I couldn't do with dial up.
Now it's a lot faster than dial up, but the only thing outside of surfing that I can do now, that I couldn't do with dial up, is watch short (under 5 min) videos, and I can now download music, etc.

Where is the justice? I am such a techno junkie, but I feel so behind when it comes to internet technology because of my slow internet speed. It's a major handicap when it comes to keeping up with what is going on out on the web.

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