Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Relaxing Week

I had a wonderfully relaxing week. It feels good to not be going 90 to nothing the whole week long with papers to grade (and by papers, I mean essays, etc., not worksheets) and a million other things to get done.

A shot of my parents' house. Mom, the Sil and I spent some time sitting in the yard on Saturday, just enjoying the day and watching the kids play.

Here was my week:

Monday (Memorial Day)
  • Really didn't do much that I can remember. This may sound boring, but I love to sit around and do nothing. By 'nothing', I mean: watch TV/Movies, surf the interweb, read and take naps.
  • The power went off for awhile and that sucked, but came back in an hour.
  • Took a nap at some point.

  • Went to work for a teachers' meeting that only lasted until noon.
  • Went out to church camp to take pictures, and got to visit with people I haven't seen since camp last year (I love going out to church camp).
  • Can't remember if there was a nap or not...
  • Went to work for another teachers' meeting...this one lasted less than an hour. We were contracted to work that day, so we had to come in, even though we could have gotten that done Tuesday afternoon instead of going home after lunch. Really it was a waste.
  • Made a few copies in preparation for Summer School.
  • Went to town to get camp pictures printed.
  • Took a Nap.
  • Sorted through yard sale stuff and priced clothes for the yard sale.
  • Helped Mom tile the kitchen most of the day. It was actually fun. See pictures here and here.
  • Took a break around noon to go out to camp to deliver pictures and check kids out.
  • No nap.
  • Went to discount grocery store mid morning, and got some good buys. I love that place, although they were out of the jalapeno poppers I like (stuffed with cheese! mmm...).
  • Did some weed eating...broke weed eater.
  • Did some spraying of weeds...ran out of spray.
  • Went to Mom's to hang out with the kids. This included going with Mom to do chores because both boys went to go and someone had to hold NJ during the two-hour adventure that included moving cattle.
  • It was a really fun and relaxing day just hanging out on the farm.
  • No nap.
  • Went to church no.1, where I run the sound booth. Was, unfortunately, unimpressed with today's service...
  • Went to church no. 2. This is my brother's church. Enjoyed the sermon, even though I had to spend a lot of time keeping my niece from getting too wound up (her mom had to stay home with NL because he was sick).
  • Took nap.
  • Spent some time discussing (arguing?) the finer points of stuff like women wearing head coverings and eating "Kosher" with my friend Ben...through texting! Go to his blog for some great religious discussions.
  • Now I'm doing this...

Overall, I woke up at a decent hour every morning. No sleeping in until late in the morning (except on Saturday, when I woke up after 8am). This meant I had plenty of time to do what I wanted, but at the same time, I was able to wake up on my own without that pesky alarm clock.

I hope I get some more weeks like this before summer is over. For the next 2 1/2 weeks, I'll be teaching summer school (much lower stress levels than regular school days). One of those weeks I will spend every day from the time I leave work until after 10pm at church camp for high school week (my favorite...wish it wasn't during summer school). I should have a few weeks without having to be at camp every day (not that I HAVE to be there, but I like to lend a hand), or having to work every day on one thing or another. I'm looking forward to those. Then my bff comes home sometime in July. I'm really looking forward to getting to spend time with her. She hasn't been home since January.

All-in-all it should be a good summer.

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Mrs. E said...

We have such similar interests...though I have a hunch you are closer to my daughters ages! I am enjoying all of your blogs!! Thanks for stopping by to visit! (By the way...your photography is a-mazing!!)