Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal Assistant

I've decided that I need a personal assistant for the following tasks:

  1. Pay my bills - I am terrible at paying bills on time. I've actually set almost all my bills to be automatically paid in order to make sure they get paid on time.
  2. Do my laundry - Or more specifically, fold and put away said laundry. I don't mind separating, washing and drying it; it's the folding and putting it away that I hate.
  3. Take out the trash - This would including burning trash that can be put into the burn barrel as well as loading up the nonburnables into a truck and hauling it to our dump. (yes we burn stuff like paper, and yes we have our own dump).
  4. Pick up random items at the store - I don't mind taking big grocery trips, but I hate having to run to the store for just a few items.
  5. Help me out at work - I could really use someone to help make copies, enter grades and grade things that wouldn't take a college education to grade (worksheets, etc...not that I really give out too many worksheets because I think they are lame and don't really teach much or require much brain power to assign, grade or complete...but I digress). Technically, during the school year, I do have a student aide that can do a lot of this, but that is only one hour a day.
  6. Pick up around the house - I am terrible about just putting things into piles. It would be awesome to have someone who would pick up after me and make sure things ended up where they belong.
If I actually thought I could find someone to come over and do stuff like this once a week, I would tighten my belt and find the money somewhere. You can hire someone to clean your house, but finding someone to do a bunch of menial jobs...that may only exist in the big cities. Also, I'm not sure I could find someone to do it just one day a week. Also, there is the problem that I don't need all those things done on the same day, but maybe I could figure something out if I knew someone was coming over to help out.

If you have any suggestions (other than me being less lazy)...send them my way!


Mrs. E said...

I think I may have an idea for a job after I take early retirement-- personal assistant!! What a great idea. : )

Clever Elsie said...

Maybe you could look for a high school student who wants to make some extra money after school or on the weekends. Other than that...I got nuthin'. Well, actually, I do have a thought for 2.: I find this incredibly boring, too, but I've found that it helps tremendously to listen to music while doing it. Probably sounds simplistic, but it makes it go so much faster.