Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cupcake Disaster

Tonight I decided to bake a batch of mocha cupcakes for my cousin.  She's pregnant and I thought she would like cupcakes that helped her get her coffee fix. OMG! They were a disaster.  I found a mocha cake recipe, but the cupcakes didn't hold up.  I guess the batter was too thin for cupcakes.  I had baked 24 of those stupid things.  They tasted fine, but I couldn't even hold the cupcake without it squishing, and it fell apart when I tried to take the wrapper off.  Big FAIL!

Cupcake Fail

They actually don't look as bad in the picture as they were when you looked at them, or held them. The tops had spilled over instead of rising, and the cupcake wasn't dense enough to hold it's shape when you picked it up.

It was only 6pm, so I decided to start over with a new recipe. I found a mocha cupcake recipe.  That would work, right? WRONG! They turned out just the same. The batter wasn't thin, but it still baked up the same.

I guess I will have to go back to my chocolate cake recipe and add instant coffee granules to it.  I am not going to do it tonight though...

Now what to do with all those cupcakes? They will probably be taken to work and given to some of my students. Like Mikey...they'll eat anything!


healy said...

wow! this one is so good. . .salivating over it. How sweet on you to bake it for your students. i know they will love it;0

Smalltown Girl said...

The kids loved them, but I found them embarrassing!

I do plan on baking all 90 kids a Halloween cupcake. I have big plans. The problem is going to be transporting them to school...