Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Easter in September

I took picture of one of my friend's kids (no charge) and just now finished editing them. I'm terrible when I'm not getting paid.  Oh, well.  She doesn't mind (I mean...how else is she going to get free, quality pictures).  She used to go in several times a year and pay someone, so...

Just some of the photos I edited.  I thought they turned out pretty well. 

I need to start taking more pictures for myself and loading them onto my photoblog. I quit because it is a multi-step process to get big pictures loaded. Also, I have had to start putting a watermark on my pictures because people would taking them and using them without permission. I can only imagine how many have been used without my permission since I have had 3 people ask for permission (and got paid $200 for one!).

Mostly, I need to start taking pictures other than portraits. My true love is taking nature photography, but I'm not always up to driving around and finding the perfect picture. I did buy a new lens and can't wait to try it out once it gets here!

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