Saturday, October 9, 2010

Single Saturday #8 - The Set Up

If you are single, you have had someone try to set you up with a date. For me, this is one of the worst parts of being single.  I always feel like less of a person when someone tries to set me up. Maybe that's just me, maybe other people don't feel that way.

I have been set up with a couple of doozies in my day, and so I do not allow people to set me up anymore.

Yesterday, one of my classes started in on setting me up with someone. I had one girl say that her brother was single (and to be fair, she's beautiful, so he would probably be cute...and he's a coach), one told me her one-armed uncle was single (pretty sure that was a joke...not the arm, but the set up). Regardless if they were serious or not, I always feel like someone is trying to "fix" me, that they believe there is something wrong with being single.

Have you ever been set up with someone? Blind date? How did it go?


Single and Sane said...

I've been set up twice, by the same couple. There's a reason why the term "set up" is used for these things. In both cases, the couple - who truly meant well - thought I could fix the guy. Good grief, what were they thinking?

I'm not boycotting blind dates altogether because it's hard to meet men, and who knows? Maybe one will work...

But that particular couple will not get another shot at it.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people try to set me up. I really hate it when mother's try to set me up with their sons. I work in a library. In my case set ups always turn out bad.

I always tell people if "They want to meet me they can come find me". This way you can see if they are datable.

Smalltown Girl said...

My philosophy is: if God has someone out there for me, He will make sure I find him. That's a comfort for me. I've known several people who have looked for quite awhile, but when they just left it up to God, they were able to meet the right person. That is what I am praying for!